Bi-On Box Modules

Bioconservacion revolutionised the air filtration market by incorporating a modular system to change granules in filtration and air purification systems. This has resulted in an innovative, quick and simple method to change the medium.

These modules are V shaped to increase the running times of the machines and optimise filtration efficiency. Their design facilitates a quick and simple way for changing the medium. TN 1

Two formats are available to meet the volume of filtration required;

The PP12 module to restock the granules in smaller-capacity air filtration systems.
The PP18 module to restock larger-capacity air filtration systems.
These modules can contain any granulates from the Bi-On range, depending on the pollutants to be eliminated. They may be used in other air filtering equipment available on the market.

The STO12 modules are single-use modules, developed to be used as stand-alone filtering units in cold storage chambers used for fresh produce, where significant levels of ethylene require large amounts of granulates.

The STO12 modules are the ideal solution for air filtering and ethylene elimination during storage of apples and pears in controlled atmosphere conditions for long periods of time.

The STO12 modules are safe and deliver a highly efficient solution in filtration due to their design and location in warehouses.

The Bi-On granulates do not come into direct contact with, nor do they leave any residue on fresh produce. These granulates are compatible with ecological and organic agriculture.

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