Air quality, primarily ethylene concentrations, volatile compounds and fungus spores have a fundamental impact on the longevity and quality of fresh produce in all phases of the post-harvest storage, transportation and distribution. Bioconservacion, are experts in air filtration and offer different solutions to eliminate these air pollutants in an effective manner, adapted to the needs of each post-harvest phase.

The super-absorbent ETHYL STOPPER sachets are the optimal solution for sanitising air, eliminating ethylene and VOCs in the following settings:

Modified atmosphere packaging
Low air circulation settings
Air filtration inside domestic refrigerators
Continuous protection against ethylene and other air pollutants throughout the long distribution chain (from the packaging line to retailer’s warehouses).
The ETHYL STOPPER sachets are made from Tyvek, a high quality material suitable for contact with food products, which allows gaseous interchanges, and at the same time provides a high level of resistance to water. These properties are inherent to Tyvek, delivering maximum safety through the sachet whilst at the same time offering a superior level of filtration efficiency.

The ETHYL STOPPER range comprises various models of varying sizes and with different compositions of Bi-On granulates, to provide specific solutions for different needs.

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