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Applied to domestic refrigeration, Bioconservacion’s technology increases the shelf-life of fruit and vegetables, providing benefits to equipment manufacturers and consumers.

As they mature, fruit and vegetables naturally produce ethylene. Ethylene accelerates maturation which is why systems that eliminate ethylene, VOCs and fungus spores from the environment are especially beneficial, as they lengthen the useful life of fruit and vegetables increasing shelf life by up to 25%.

Lengthening the useful shelf- life of fresh produce across the entire distribution chain has a significant world-wide impact. It is estimated that between 30-50% of fresh produce (approx. 1 to 2.2 billion tons) is discarded because the minimum consumption quality cannot be maintained.

The last link in this distribution chain is the end user: the consumer. Bioconservacion provides solutions to eliminate ethylene from domestic refrigerators, with sachets and holders adapted to the requirements of domestic refrigeration equipment.

  • ETHYLSTOPPER Sachets without holder
  • ETHYLSTOPPER Sachets with holder

These systems provide significant benefits for consumers:

  • Reducies discarding, due to the slowdown in the maturation process
  • Reduces water loss, thereby conserving appearance, texture and nutritional value longer.
  • Reduces bad odours
  • Reduces the amount spent on food shopping
  • Provides an ecological method to preserve fruit and vegetables.

Inevitably, these benefits translate into competitive advantages for refrigerator manufacturers:

  • Enhancing brand value
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by offering a technology that provides measurable benefits
  • Incorporating ecological solutions that respect the environment
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