The air quality (ethylene, volatile compounds, fungal spores) found during the different post-harvest stages (storage, transportation, distribution) has a fundamental impact on the preservation of fresh produce during the entire post-harvest process which includes all phases of their distribution chain.

  • Ethylene is a gaseous vegetable hormone naturally occurring in fruit and vegetables. It plays a significant role in the ripening and senescence of climacteric fruit, increasing the risk of physiological alterations and pathogen infections. It is active at very low concentrations (15 ppb)
  • Certain volatile compounds emitted by fresh produce (acetaldehyde, limonene and ethanol) function as chemical precursors for the development of infection-causing pathogen microorganisms which cause decay.
  • Fungal spores are reproductive structures prone to dispersing and which survive for long periods of time in the air. When they accumulate in large concentrations they increase the risk of rot.

Post-harvest solutions from Biotech are based on a unique product, Bi-On, which consists of a mixture of natural, porous clay and Potassium Permanganate. Without entering into contact with fresh produce Bi-On® retards maturation senescence and spoilage caused by bad air quality. The efficacy of this technology allows:

  • Ethylene elimination
  • Elimination of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Retaining fungal spores

The Bi-On® air filtration system is a proven technological solution compatible with other technologies and it is very easy to use. As a non-intrusive solution, it avoids direct contact with fresh produce so that it retains its organoleptic characteristics intact. This technology has been approved for use with organic/ecological products in accordance with EU norm RCE # 834/2007 and the American NOP.

Bioconservation offers a complete range of solutions to meet all the requirements of the entire fresh produce distribution chain:

  • Filtration media Bi-On®
  • Bi-On DRY Desiccant
  • ETHYLCLEAN machines
  • Bi-On BOX Modules
  • ETHAN ethylene monitor
  • TEMPROTEKT thermographs